Yo! I’m Leaf! I'm a content creator and video editor! I stream on Twitch and post gaming videos over on YouTube!

Below are links to my different social medias! Thank you for the support :)

BLM Carrd Link

Stop Asian Hate Carrd

Colombia Petition


Q: Can we play together?

A: I typically only play with friends, but if you're looking for a collab, email or dm me and I will look into it!


Q: What do you use to edit?

A: Adobe Premiere Pro


Q: Can you edit for me?

A: Possibly! Email me or dm me and I will look into what content you put out and decide!


Q: Do you edit for free?

A: No, I don't even edit for friends for free. It takes time and effort.


Q: Can you tell me how to do this in Premiere?

A: YouTube and forums are your best bet, I'm typically too busy to sit down and teach anything, but dms are open.